Scoring Summary


1stBaty singled to left, Marte scored, Baty to second, Alonso to third.10
2ndNimmo doubled to center, Bader scored.20
2ndNimmo scored, Marte safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Arcia.30
3rdAlvarez doubled to left, Alonso scored.40
3rdMcNeil doubled to right, Alvarez scored.50
3rdStewart homered to right center (409 feet), McNeil scored.70
5thTromp doubled to center, Arcia scored and Duvall scored.72
5thTromp scored on Quintana wild pitch, Albies to second on wild pitch by Quintana.73
7thAlvarez grounded out to pitcher, Marte scored, Alonso to second, Lindor to third.83
7thMcNeil singled to right, Lindor scored and Alonso scored.103
8thNimmo tripled to center, Bader scored.113
8thNimmo scored on Matzek wild pitch.123
8thDuvall reached on infield single to third, Riley scored, Ozuna to second.124
9thTaylor homered to left (381 feet), Alvarez scored, McNeil scored and Bader scored.164
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