Scoring Summary


1stVelázquez singled to left, Witt Jr. scored, Loftin to second.10
1stAlonso singled to center, Nimmo scored, Marte to third.11
1stBaty grounded into fielder's choice to second, Marte scored, Alonso out at second.12
1stStewart doubled to right, Baty scored.13
2ndLoftin walked, Renfroe scored, Witt Jr. to second, Blanco to third.23
2ndPerez singled to left, Blanco scored and Witt Jr. scored, Loftin to second.43
3rdAlonso homered to left (411 feet).44
4thLoftin singled to left, Witt Jr. scored.54
4thPerez homered to center (384 feet), Loftin scored.74
4thFermin singled to left, Hampson scored.84
5thLoftin hit sacrifice fly to center, Witt Jr. scored.94
6thRenfroe doubled to left, Fermin scored and Velázquez scored.114
6thAlonso homered to left center (401 feet).115
8thMarte homered to center (390 feet).116
8thTaylor hit sacrifice fly to left, Lindor scored.117
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