Scoring Summary


1stConforto doubled to right, Wade Jr. scored.10
3rdDíaz grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Siri scored, Rortvedt out at second.11
4thEstrada homered to left (397 feet).21
5thWade Jr. homered to right center (391 feet), Lee scored.41
6thYastrzemski singled to right, Chapman scored and Conforto scored, Estrada to second.61
6thBailey hit a ground rule double, Estrada scored, Yastrzemski to third.71
7thSoler homered to center (446 feet).81
7thEstrada homered to left (403 feet), Chapman scored.101
8thPinto hit sacrifice fly to center, Shenton scored.102
9thChapman homered to right center (369 feet).112
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