Scoring Summary


2ndDuvall hit sacrifice fly to left, Olson scored, Ozuna to second.10
2ndDe La Cruz homered to left center (417 feet).11
3rdAlbies reached on infield single to third, Acuña Jr. scored on throwing error by third baseman Burger.21
3rdOlson singled to left, Albies scored.31
4thDuvall homered to center (415 feet).41
4thAcuña Jr. singled to center, Harris II scored, Acuña Jr. to second.51
4thChisholm Jr. doubled to right, Bell scored.52
4thDe La Cruz singled to center, Chisholm Jr. scored.53
5thArraez grounded into double play, first to shortstop to first, Bruján scored, Fortes out at second.54
6thJ. Sánchez singled to center, Rivera scored, J. Sánchez to second.55
6thGordon homered to right (340 feet), J. Sánchez scored.57
7thOzuna doubled to left, Riley scored, Olson to third.67
9thOzuna homered to center (409 feet), Acuña Jr. scored and Olson scored.97
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