Scoring Summary


1stAdames singled to left, Chourio scored, Contreras to second.01
2ndChourio homered to left (368 feet), Ortiz scored.03
4thKim grounded into fielder's choice to second, Cronenworth scored, Machado out at second.13
5thTatis Jr. grounded out to second, Campusano scored, Bogaerts to second, Wade to third.23
5thWade scored, Bogaerts to third on passed ball by Contreras.33
5thMachado reached on infield single to second, Bogaerts scored, Cronenworth to second.43
5thMerrill singled to center, Cronenworth scored and Machado scored, Kim to second.63
5thCampusano singled to left, Kim scored, Merrill to second.73
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