Scoring Summary


4thMoniak homered to center (428 feet), Sanó scored.20
4thO'Hoppe homered to left center (395 feet).30
4thRamírez grounded out to third, Arozarena scored, Palacios to second.31
9thCaballero tripled to right, Ramírez scored and Rosario scored.33
10thHicks scored on Fairbanks wild pitch.43
10thSiri scored on error, Díaz safe at first on throwing error by pitcher Cisnero, Díaz safe at second on error.44
11thWard hit sacrifice fly to center, Adell scored.54
11thRamírez grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Palacios scored, Paredes out at second.55
13thNeto singled to left, Rengifo scored.65
13thPalacios doubled to right, Pinto scored.66
13thRosario reached on infield single to third, Palacios scored, Ramírez to second, Paredes to third.67
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