Scoring Summary


2ndBrennan doubled to right, Laureano scored.10
2ndArias doubled to left, Brennan scored.20
4thValdez homered to right (442 feet).21
5thFreeman homered to left center (418 feet).31
5thRamírez hit sacrifice fly to center, Kwan scored.41
5thJ. Naylor singled to right, Giménez scored on fielding error by right fielder Abreu, J. Naylor to second.51
6thCasas homered to right (332 feet).52
6thWong homered to left center (376 feet), Abreu scored.54
6thDevers doubled to center, Duran scored and Rafaela scored.56
9thGiménez singled to center, Freeman scored, Kwan to second.66
10thArias singled to center, Rocchio scored, Brennan to second, Bo Naylor to third.76
10thWong hit sacrifice fly to right, Abreu scored.77
11thRamírez singled to center, Kwan scored, Giménez to second.87
11thFlorial singled to right, Giménez scored and Ramírez scored, Bo Naylor to second.107
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