Scoring Summary


2ndTrevino singled to left, Stanton scored, Trevino to second, Torres to third.10
3rdTurner hit sacrifice fly to center, Varsho scored, Springer to third.11
4thGuerrero Jr. singled to center, Clement scored and Varsho scored, Springer to second.13
6thClement scored on error by second baseman Torres, Kiner-Falefa stole second.14
6thBichette singled to center, Kiner-Falefa scored, Springer to second.15
7thTrevino grounded out to pitcher, Torres scored, Verdugo to third.25
7thCabrera hit sacrifice fly to center, Verdugo scored.35
9thTrevino grounded out to third, Torres scored, Verdugo to third.45
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