Scoring Summary


2ndUrías doubled to left, Westburg scored.10
2ndMcCann singled to left, Urías scored.20
2ndRutschman singled to center, McCann scored, Henderson to third.30
2ndMountcastle reached on infield single to second, Henderson scored, Rutschman to second.40
2ndSantander doubled to left, Rutschman scored, Mountcastle to third.50
2ndWestburg singled to center, Mountcastle scored and Santander scored.70
6thPerez homered to left (395 feet), Garcia scored and Pasquantino scored.73
7thHays scored, Mateo to third on passed ball by Perez.83
7thVelázquez scored on Ramírez wild pitch, Frazier to third on wild pitch by Ramírez.84
7thGarcia singled to left, Frazier scored, Isbel thrown out at third.85
7thPerez singled to left, Garcia scored and Witt Jr. scored, Pasquantino to second.87
8thSantander doubled to left, Mountcastle scored.97
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