Scoring Summary


1stO'Neill homered to left (388 feet), Duran scored.02
4thRafaela hit sacrifice fly to right, Yoshida scored, Valdez to third.03
5thAbreu reached on infield single to first, O'Neill scored.04
5thDalbec reached on infield single to shortstop, Abreu scored, Refsnyder to second, Wong to third.05
5thRafaela doubled to left, Dalbec scored, Wong scored and Hamilton scored.08
5thDuran grounded out to first, Rafaela scored.09
7thRafaela homered to center (411 feet), Yoshida scored.011
8thYoshida doubled to center, O'Neill scored, Abreu to third.012
8thHamilton singled to left, Abreu scored, Yoshida to third.013
8thDalbec doubled to center, Hamilton scored and Yoshida scored.015
8thRafaela doubled to left, Dalbec scored.016
8thReyes singled to center, Rafaela scored, Duran to second.017
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