Scoring Summary


1stBohm hit by pitch, Schwarber scored, Harper to second, Realmuto to third.01
1stMarsh singled to right, Realmuto scored, Bohm to second, Harper to third.02
1stCastellanos grounded into double play, third to second to first, Harper scored, Marsh out at second, Bohm to third.03
1stStott singled to right, Bohm scored.04
1stRojas singled to left, Stott scored, Sosa to second.05
2ndRealmuto scored on White wild pitch.06
2ndCastellanos grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Harper scored, Marsh out at second, Bohm to third.07
2ndStott singled to right, Bohm scored, Castellanos to third.08
2ndSosa grounded out to pitcher, Castellanos scored, Stott to second.09
3rdEstrada singled to right, Ahmed scored, Slater to second.19
5thFlores homered to left center (379 feet), Estrada scored.39
6thRojas grounded into fielder's choice to third, Castellanos scored and Stott scored on fielding error by third baseman Chapman, Rojas second, Sosa safe at third on error.311
6thSchwarber singled to right, Sosa scored and Rojas scored.313
7thMerrifield homered to left (373 feet).314
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