Scoring Summary


1stLindor homered to right (393 feet), Marte scored.20
2ndJackson doubled to left, Caballero scored.21
2ndDíaz singled to center, Jackson scored and DeLuca scored.23
3rdStewart walked, Narváez scored, Marte to second, Nimmo to third.33
3rdDeLuca singled to left, Caballero scored.34
4thNarváez singled to right, Bader scored, Baty to third.44
4thNimmo singled to center, Baty scored, Narváez to second.54
9thArozarena homered to left center (373 feet).55
10thBader scored on error, Nimmo safe at first on error by first baseman Díaz.65
10thDeLuca tripled to center, Caballero scored and Rortvedt scored.67
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