Scoring Summary


1stIbáñez homered to left (388 feet).10
1stBrennan doubled to center, J. Naylor scored and Giménez scored.12
2ndBáez singled to center, Rogers scored.22
2ndIbáñez homered to right (367 feet), Báez scored and Kelly scored.52
2ndFlorial doubled to right, Bo Naylor scored, Rocchio to third.53
2ndRamírez singled to center, Rocchio scored and Florial scored.55
2ndJ. Naylor homered to right (407 feet), Ramírez scored.57
3rdVilade singled to left, Greene scored and Torkelson scored.77
4thVierling grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Ibáñez scored, Pérez out at second.87
7thVilade singled to left, Rogers scored.97
8thVierling singled to center, Ibáñez scored and Pérez scored.117
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