Scoring Summary


1stSemien homered to center (401 feet).10
2ndTaveras singled to right, Jankowski scored, Heim to third.20
2ndSemien singled to left, Heim scored, Taveras to second.30
2ndSeager grounded into fielder's choice to first, Taveras scored on error, Semien safe at second on throwing error by first baseman Davis.40
2ndGarcía walked, Semien scored, Lowe to second, Seager to third.50
2ndSmith singled to right, Seager scored, García to second, Lowe to third.60
2ndHeim singled to center, García scored and Lowe scored, Smith to second.80
2ndTaveras singled to left, Smith scored, Heim to second.90
2ndSemien doubled to left, Taveras scored and Heim scored.110
2ndMcCann scored on error, Hernaiz safe at first on throwing error by shortstop Seager.111
2ndRooker reached on infield single to third, Schuemann scored, Toro to second, B. Harris to third.112
4thSemien reached on infield single to third, Heim scored, Taveras to second.122
4thLowe doubled to left, Taveras scored and Semien scored, Seager to third.142
4thGarcía hit sacrifice fly to right, Seager scored, Lowe to third.152
6thMcCann scored on Hernández wild pitch, B. Harris to second on wild pitch by Hernández, Schuemann to third on wild pitch by Hernández.153
6thToro grounded out to second, Schuemann scored, B. Harris to third.154
7thMcCann homered to center (433 feet).155
8thBrown homered to left center (383 feet), Bleday scored and Rooker scored.158
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