Scoring Summary


2ndLipscomb singled to center, Meneses scored, Ruiz to second.01
4thSantander homered to left (416 feet).11
6thHenderson homered to right center (379 feet).21
7thCowser hit sacrifice fly to left, Westburg scored.31
9thRosario homered to center (413 feet).32
9thAbrams singled to right, Nuñez scored, Young to third.33
11thMountcastle homered to left center (386 feet), Henderson scored.53
11thVargas hit a ground rule double, Meneses scored, Rosario to third.54
11thYoung hit sacrifice fly to right, Rosario scored, Vargas to third.55
12thMateo singled to left, Westburg scored.65
12thMateo scored on Weems wild pitch.75
12thL. García Jr. doubled to right, Abrams scored.76
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