Scoring Summary


1stMcMahon doubled to right, Blackmon scored and Tovar scored.20
1stRodgers doubled to left, McMahon scored.30
1stChapman doubled to left, Estrada scored.31
2ndBeck homered to center (410 feet).41
4thMatos doubled to left, Yastrzemski scored.42
5thEstrada homered to left (370 feet), Soler scored and Wade Jr. scored.45
5thMatos reached on infield single to third, Chapman scored, Yastrzemski to second.46
6thTovar doubled to left, Blackmon scored.56
7thMatos grounded out to pitcher, Chapman scored, Yastrzemski to second.57
7thLuciano singled to right, Yastrzemski scored, Luciano to second, Sabol to third.58
8thMatos doubled to left, Estrada scored and Chapman scored, Ramos to third.510
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