Scoring Summary


1stMatos homered to left center (409 feet), Estrada scored and Chapman scored.03
2ndSoler doubled to left, Luciano scored, Casali to third.04
2ndEstrada hit sacrifice fly to center, Casali scored, Soler to third.05
3rdTovar singled to center, Goodman scored.15
3rdMontero singled to center, Tovar scored and McMahon scored.35
3rdMatos doubled to center, Chapman scored.36
6thGoodman singled to center, Doyle scored.46
6thSoler singled to left, Luciano scored, Yastrzemski to third.47
7thRamos singled to left, Chapman scored.48
8thEstrada doubled to left, Soler scored.49
8thMatos singled to center, Estrada scored and Wade Jr. scored, Chapman to second.411
8thRamos hit a ground rule double, Chapman scored, Matos to third.412
8thCasali singled to center, Matos scored and Ramos scored, Luciano thrown out at third.414
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