Scoring Summary


1stO'Neill homered to left center (439 feet).10
2ndCooper doubled to left, Wong scored.20
4thGonzález doubled to left, Cooper scored.30
4thDuran tripled to left, Rafaela scored.40
4thNootbaar homered to right center (441 feet).41
5thAbreu reached on infield single to first, O'Neill scored, Wong to second, Devers to third.51
5thSmith singled to left, Devers scored and Wong scored, Abreu to second.71
6thDevers homered to center (404 feet), O'Neill scored.91
7thDonovan singled to left, Goldschmidt scored, Burleson to second, Arenado to third.92
7thArenado scored on Weissert wild pitch, Donovan to second on wild pitch by Weissert, Burleson to third on wild pitch by Weissert.93
9thHamilton homered to right (393 feet).103
9thSmith grounded out to first, Wong scored, Abreu to third.113
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