Scoring Summary


1stNootbaar homered to center (430 feet), Donovan scored.02
2ndHamilton tripled to right, O'Neill scored and Smith scored.22
2ndGorman homered to left center (407 feet).23
3rdDevers homered to center (443 feet).33
4thBurleson homered to right center (390 feet).34
5thGoldschmidt singled to center, Donovan scored.35
6thWinn homered to left center (402 feet), Herrera scored.37
7thDuran grounded out to shortstop, Grissom scored, Hamilton to third.47
7thWong doubled to right, Hamilton scored.57
7thBurleson singled to center, Nootbaar scored, Goldschmidt to third.58
7thHerrera singled to center, Goldschmidt scored, Burleson to third.59
8thArenado singled to center, Nootbaar scored, Goldschmidt to third.510
9thDevers grounded into fielder's choice to pitcher, Refsnyder scored, Wong out at second.610
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