Scoring Summary


1stPederson doubled to center, Carroll scored, Marte to third.01
1stWalker hit sacrifice fly to center, Marte scored.02
2ndPederson singled to right, Barnhart scored, Marte to third.03
3rdTorkelson homered to center (428 feet).13
4thWalker hit sacrifice fly to center, Marte scored, Pederson to second.14
5thBáez singled to left, Pérez scored.24
6thVierling doubled to left, Ibáñez scored.34
7thCarpenter tripled to right, Torkelson scored, Carpenter out stretching at home.44
7thSmith grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Grichuk scored, Walker third.45
7thAlexander grounded out to first, Walker scored, McCarthy to second.46
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