Scoring Summary


2ndCastellanos singled to center, Clemens scored.01
3rdBohm hit sacrifice fly to right, Stott scored.02
4thRosario homered to right (352 feet), Vargas scored.22
5thWinker homered to right center (406 feet).32
5thBohm hit sacrifice fly to right, Schwarber scored, Stott to third.33
5thClemens doubled to right, Harper scored and Stott scored.35
5thCastellanos singled to left, Clemens scored.36
6thHarper doubled to center, Rojas scored and Schwarber scored.38
8thBohm homered to left (403 feet), Rojas scored and Schwarber scored.311
9thRuiz singled to right, Senzel scored, Gallo to second.411
9thYoung doubled to right, Gallo scored, Ruiz to third.511
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