Scoring Summary


2ndMassey homered to right center (419 feet).01
3rdMassey reached on infield single to catcher, Pasquantino scored on throwing error by catcher Rogers, Massey to second, Perez safe at third on error.02
4thCarpenter homered to left center (430 feet).12
6thPerez homered to left center (436 feet).13
6thFermin singled to left, Massey scored.14
6thRenfroe doubled to left, Fermin scored and Melendez scored, Renfroe to third.16
6thGarcia singled to right, Renfroe scored, Isbel to third.17
6thPasquantino hit sacrifice fly to left, Isbel scored, Garcia to third.18
7thKeith doubled to right, Carpenter scored.28
8thCarpenter hit sacrifice fly to center, Greene scored, Canha to third.38
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