Scoring Summary


1stRengifo homered to left center (413 feet).01
2ndArias singled to right, Fry scored, Rodríguez to third.11
2ndRodríguez scored on Sandoval wild pitch, Arias stole second.21
3rdRamírez homered to center (419 feet), Giménez scored.41
3rdO'Hoppe grounded into fielder's choice to third, Rengifo scored, Ward out at third.42
4thFreeman hit sacrifice fly to center, Manzardo scored.52
4thRamírez homered to center (400 feet), Giménez scored.72
4thJ. Naylor homered to right center (399 feet).82
4thFry homered to left (374 feet).92
5thGiménez reached on infield single to shortstop, Arias scored, Rocchio to second.102
6thAdell homered to left center (435 feet).103
8thO'Hoppe homered to center (418 feet).104
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