Scoring Summary


2ndVelázquez homered to left center (403 feet).10
3rdWitt Jr. singled to left, Renfroe scored, Garcia to third.20
4thAranda homered to right (416 feet).21
5thParedes grounded out to third, Palacios scored.22
7thBlanco sacrificed into double play, right to first to third, Frazier scored, Hampson thrown out at third.32
7thRamírez singled to right, Siri scored, Palacios to third.33
10thPasquantino hit sacrifice fly to left, Renfroe scored.43
10thDeLuca doubled to left, Ramírez scored.44
11thVelázquez doubled to center, Fermin scored.54
11thFrazier reached on infield single to shortstop, Velázquez scored.64
11thGarcia singled to left, Frazier scored, Hampson to second.74
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