Scoring Summary


1stHarper singled to right, Schwarber scored.10
1stRodgers singled to center, McMahon scored, Bryant to third.11
2ndGoodman grounded into fielder's choice to second, Doyle scored, Stallings out at second.12
3rdBryant grounded out to second, Tovar scored.13
5thSchwarber hit sacrifice fly to center, Stubbs scored.23
9thSosa tripled to right, Marsh scored.33
9thStubbs singled to right, Sosa scored.43
9thHarper homered to left (374 feet), Schwarber scored and Stott scored.73
9thCastellanos singled to right, Bohm scored, Castellanos out stretching at second.83
9thBlackmon doubled to right, Goodman scored.84
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