Scoring Summary


3rdMiranda homered to center (437 feet), Julien scored.02
5thLarnach homered to right center (441 feet), Castro scored and Julien scored.05
6thPasquantino singled to right, Garcia scored, Witt Jr. to third.15
8thKirilloff singled to left, Kepler scored, Jeffers to second.16
9thRenfroe doubled to left, Perez scored, Frazier to third.26
9thBlanco reached on infield single to third, Frazier scored, Melendez to second, Renfroe to third.36
9thGarcia reached on infield single to third, Melendez scored on throwing error by third baseman Castro and Renfroe scored, Garcia to second, Blanco safe at third on error.56
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