Scoring Summary


1stAbreu homered to right (371 feet).10
1stDevers singled to center, Refsnyder scored.20
1stCowser reached on infield single to second, Henderson scored, O'Hearn to second.21
1stWestburg singled to right, Cowser scored and O'Hearn scored, Santander to third.23
2ndDuran doubled to center, Rafaela scored.33
2ndDevers reached on infield single to shortstop, Duran scored, Refsnyder to third.43
8thWong singled to right, Devers scored.53
9thGonzález hit sacrifice fly to center, Hamilton scored, Rafaela to third.63
9thRefsnyder homered to left center (419 feet), Rafaela scored.83
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