Scoring Summary


1stRamírez homered to right center (392 feet), Giménez scored.20
3rdBryant homered to left (428 feet), Tovar scored.22
4thBo Naylor hit sacrifice fly to right, Fry scored, Manzardo to third.32
4thArias hit sacrifice fly to right, Manzardo scored, Brennan to third.42
4thMontero homered to left (384 feet), Bouchard scored.44
5thJ. Naylor homered to right (396 feet), Ramírez scored.64
5thManzardo singled to right, Fry scored.74
6thBlackmon singled to right, Bouchard scored, Montero to third.75
6thMontero scored on Herrin wild pitch, Blackmon to second on wild pitch by Herrin.76
6thMcMahon singled to center, Blackmon scored.77
7thFry homered to left (401 feet), Ramírez scored and J. Naylor scored.107
8thJ. Naylor homered to right (438 feet), Giménez scored and Ramírez scored.137
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