Scoring Summary


1stJ. Naylor grounded out to first, Giménez scored, Ramírez to third.10
1stFry singled to center, Ramírez scored.20
1stMcMahon reached on infield single to third, Tovar scored.21
2ndStallings doubled to right, Montero scored, Doyle to third.22
2ndBouchard hit sacrifice fly to center, Doyle scored, Stallings to third.23
2ndGoodman singled to right, Stallings scored.24
2ndRodgers homered to left (387 feet), Goodman scored.26
2ndDíaz doubled to left, McMahon scored.27
9thBrennan singled to center, Rodríguez scored.37
9thRocchio singled to right, Brennan scored.47
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