Scoring Summary


1stYelich homered to right center (441 feet), Ortiz scored.02
2ndHapp homered to right (367 feet).12
3rdAdames singled to center, Ortiz scored, Yelich to second.13
3rdSánchez doubled to left, Adames scored and Yelich scored.15
3rdPerkins homered to left center (395 feet), Sánchez scored.17
4thSwanson grounded out to shortstop, Happ scored.27
5thBellinger grounded into fielder's choice to third, Tauchman scored, Suzuki out at third.37
5thWisdom hit by pitch, Bellinger scored, Hoerner to second, Happ to third.47
7thYelich grounded out to first, Ortiz scored, Contreras to third.48
7thAdames homered to left center (409 feet), Contreras scored.410
9thTauchman scored on error, Morel safe at first on error by first baseman Bauers, Bellinger safe at third on error.510
9thHapp hit sacrifice fly to left, Bellinger scored.610
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