Scoring Summary


1stMountcastle homered to center (400 feet), Rutschman scored.02
1stSantander homered to right (401 feet).03
2ndCaballero singled to left, Palacios scored, Rortvedt to second.13
2ndDíaz tripled to right, Rortvedt scored and Caballero scored.33
2ndWestburg homered to center (414 feet).34
3rdSiri singled to right, Aranda scored.44
3rdDíaz walked, Siri scored, Caballero to second, Rortvedt to third.54
3rdWestburg reached on infield single to second, Mountcastle scored, Santander to third.55
3rdStowers doubled to right, Santander scored, Westburg to third.56
3rdMateo hit sacrifice fly to center, Westburg scored.57
4thMountcastle homered to center (431 feet), O'Hearn scored.59
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