Scoring Summary


1stMontero singled to center, Rodgers scored.01
2ndStephenson grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Steer scored, Fraley out at second.11
3rdDe La Cruz doubled to center, Benson scored.21
3rdCandelario homered to right center (423 feet), De La Cruz scored.41
3rdRodgers homered to left center (425 feet).42
3rdStallings singled to center, Montero scored, Doyle to third.43
4thBenson tripled to right, Stephenson scored and India scored.63
4thFriedl singled to right, Benson scored.73
5thFraley grounded out to second, Candelario scored.83
6thBenson hit sacrifice fly to left, Martini scored.93
6thSteer singled to left, Friedl scored and India scored, De La Cruz thrown out at third.113
9thStephenson homered to right (405 feet), Fraley scored.133
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