Scoring Summary


1stJudge grounded out to second, Volpe scored, Soto to second.01
1stStanton singled to center, Soto scored.02
1stTorres hit a ground rule double, Rizzo scored and Stanton scored.04
5thJudge tripled to left, LeMahieu scored, Volpe scored and Soto scored.07
5thVerdugo hit sacrifice fly to left, Judge scored.08
6thSantana homered to right (368 feet).18
6thCorrea hit sacrifice fly to center, Farmer scored, Margot to third.28
6thJudge walked, Wells scored, Soto to second, LeMahieu to third.29
7thLewis homered to left (373 feet).39
7thBuxton grounded out to third, Miranda scored.49
8thCorrea grounded out to second, Farmer scored.59
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