Scoring Summary


2ndMerrill grounded into fielder's choice to first, Solano scored on throwing error by first baseman Walker, D. Peralta to third on error.01
2ndKim homered to left center (389 feet), D. Peralta scored and Merrill scored.04
4thCronenworth homered to center (422 feet), Tatis Jr. scored and Profar scored.07
4thMerrill doubled to left, D. Peralta scored.08
5thSuárez singled to left, Walker scored, Alexander to second, Gurriel Jr. to third.18
5thCronenworth singled to left, Higashioka scored, Profar to second, Arraez to third.19
5thSolano hit sacrifice fly to right, Arraez scored, Profar to third.110
5thD. Peralta doubled to right, Cronenworth scored and Profar scored.112
6thHigashioka homered to center (403 feet).113
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