Scoring Summary


1stBohm grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Schwarber scored, Harper out at second, Realmuto to third.01
4thSosa doubled to center, Castellanos scored.02
4thMerrifield singled to right, Sosa scored.03
6thNimmo doubled to left, Torrens scored, Alonso to third.13
6thMartinez singled to left, Alonso scored and Nimmo scored.33
7thDahl homered to right center.34
9thVientos reached on infield single to third, Taylor scored, McNeil to second.44
9thAlonso hit by pitch, McNeil scored, Torrens to second, Iglesias to third.54
9thIglesias scored, Alonso to second on passed ball by Realmuto, Torrens to third on passed ball by Realmuto.64
9thBohm walked, Pache scored, Harper to second, Stubbs to third.65
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