Scoring Summary


1stTovar hit sacrifice fly to right, Doyle scored.10
1stBuxton singled to left, Margot scored, Lewis to second, Correa to third.11
1stSantana doubled to center, Buxton scored, Correa scored and Lewis scored, Santana to third.14
1stFarmer singled to center, Santana scored.15
4thMcMahon homered to center (427 feet).25
4thCastro homered to left center (430 feet).26
4thMargot doubled to left, Vázquez scored.27
4thCorrea singled to center, Margot scored.28
6thStallings grounded out to second, Tovar scored.38
6thLewis homered to left center (424 feet), Correa scored.310
7thDoyle singled to left, Amador scored and Blackmon scored.510
8thMcMahon scored and Stallings scored on error, Cave safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Correa, Toglia safe at third on error.710
8thAmador grounded into double play, shortstop to first, Toglia scored, Montero out at second, Cave to third.810
8thMiranda doubled to right, Correa scored and Lewis scored.812
8thSantana reached on infield single to second, Miranda scored, Buxton to third.813
8thFarmer singled to left, Buxton scored, Santana to second.814
8thVázquez doubled to left, Santana scored and Farmer scored, Castro to third.816
8thKepler hit sacrifice fly to right, Castro scored, Vázquez to third.817
9thStallings hit a ground rule double, Trejo scored.917
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