Scoring Summary


1stPillar singled to center, Rengifo scored.10
2ndSchanuel homered to center (410 feet).20
4thEstrada doubled to left, Soler scored and Flores scored, Slater to third.22
4thWisely doubled to center, Estrada scored and Slater scored.24
4thChapman reached on infield single to shortstop, Wisely scored.25
4thSoler homered to left center (377 feet), Bailey scored and Chapman scored.28
4thSlater singled to center, Flores scored.29
7thSlater homered to center (415 feet).210
8thSoler hit a ground rule double, Conforto scored.211
8thBrooks singled to left, Soler scored.212
8thWisely grounded into fielder's choice to second, Brooks scored, Estrada out at second.213
9thNeto hit sacrifice fly to left, Calhoun scored.313
9thAdell singled to left, Thaiss scored, Schanuel to second.413
9thStefanic doubled to right, Schanuel scored and Adell scored, Tucker to third.613
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