Scoring Summary


2ndStefanic singled to right, Neto scored, Moniak to third.10
3rdPillar doubled to right, Ward scored on throwing error by right fielder Slater.20
3rdMoniak doubled to right, O'Hoppe scored and Pillar scored.40
4thO'Hoppe doubled to left, Pillar scored.50
4thNeto homered to left center (415 feet), O'Hoppe scored.70
4thAdell hit sacrifice fly to center, Moniak scored.80
4thEstrada grounded into double play, third to first, Flores scored, Conforto to second, Soler out at third.81
8thEstrada reached on infield single to second, Soler scored.82
8thYastrzemski doubled to right, Estrada scored, Ahmed to third.83
8thRamos homered to center (422 feet), Ahmed scored and Yastrzemski scored.86
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