Scoring Summary


1stArozarena singled to left, Díaz scored, J. Lowe to third.10
1stKelenic homered to right center (409 feet).11
2ndd'Arnaud homered to center (427 feet).12
3rdB. Lowe homered to right center (429 feet).22
4thRortvedt homered to right (359 feet), Arozarena scored, Palacios scored and Siri scored.62
6thDuvall singled to left, Olson scored, Riley to second.63
6thd'Arnaud reached on infield single to third, Riley scored on throwing error by third baseman Palacios, d'Arnaud to second, Duvall safe at third on error.64
8thRiley homered to center (437 feet), Olson scored.66
9thSiri homered to left center (416 feet), Arozarena scored.86
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