Scoring Summary


1stTovar doubled to right, Blackmon scored, Doyle to third.01
1stMcMahon doubled to center, Doyle scored and Tovar scored.03
1stN. Jones hit sacrifice fly to center, McMahon scored.04
2ndPages homered to left center (382 feet).14
2ndMontero homered to left center (410 feet), Trejo scored.16
3rdOhtani grounded out to first, Taylor scored.26
4thDoyle homered to left (427 feet).27
6thOhtani homered to center (476 feet).37
6thDoyle singled to left, Trejo scored, Montero to second.38
7thVargas doubled to left, E. Hernández scored.48
7thCave hit sacrifice fly to left, N. Jones scored.49
9thHeyward homered to right center (381 feet), Pages scored, Rojas scored and Vargas scored.89
9thT. Hernández homered to right center (423 feet), Ohtani scored and Freeman scored.119
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