Scoring Summary


1stT. Hernández doubled to right, Freeman scored.10
2ndOhtani singled to right, Rojas scored.20
2ndSmith tripled to right, Ohtani scored.30
2ndStallings homered to center (426 feet).31
7thRojas doubled to left, Heyward scored.41
7thBiggio singled to center, Rojas scored.51
8thHeyward singled to right, Freeman scored and Ohtani scored, T. Hernández to second.71
9thLux doubled to center, Biggio scored.81
9thSmith hit sacrifice fly to center, Lux scored.91
9thG. Jones homered to right (419 feet).92
9thMontero doubled to left, Toglia scored.93
9thGoodman homered to left center (392 feet), Montero scored.95
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