Scoring Summary


1stAlvarez grounded into double play, shortstop to first, Altuve scored, Bregman out at second.01
2ndAltuve doubled to left, Singleton scored, Loperfido to third.02
3rdO'Hearn grounded into fielder's choice to first, Henderson scored, Rutschman out at second.12
3rdSantander singled to right, O'Hearn scored.22
5thMountcastle hit sacrifice fly to right, Rutschman scored.32
5thMeyers homered to left (387 feet), Bregman scored and Diaz scored.35
6thLoperfido doubled to right, Dubón scored on throwing error by right fielder Santander.36
6thAltuve doubled to shortstop, Loperfido scored, Cabbage to third.37
6thBregman doubled to center, Cabbage scored, Altuve to third.38
6thDiaz grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Altuve scored, Alvarez to second, Bregman to third.39
6thSingleton singled to right, Alvarez scored and Bregman scored, Diaz to third.311
6thDubón doubled to left, Diaz scored, Singleton to third.312
6thLoperfido doubled to center, Dubón scored and Singleton scored.314
7thHenderson homered to right (414 feet).414
8thMateo homered to left (365 feet), Mullins scored.614
8thHenderson homered to left (350 feet), McCann scored.814
8thMountcastle doubled to center, Rutschman scored.914
8thSantander homered to right (378 feet), Mountcastle scored.1114
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