Scoring Summary


2ndWalls hit sacrifice fly to right, Siri scored, Rortvedt to third.10
3rdJ. Lowe homered to right center (411 feet).20
4thDíaz singled to left, Siri scored, Rortvedt to second.30
4thB. Lowe reached on infield single to shortstop, Rortvedt scored, Díaz to second.40
4thHayes singled to left, Tellez scored, N. Gonzales to second.41
4thSuwinski doubled to right, N. Gonzales scored, Hayes to third.42
6thJ. Lowe homered to left center (402 feet), Walls scored and B. Lowe scored.72
8thReynolds homered to right center (439 feet).73
9thRortvedt homered to right (370 feet), Rosario scored and Siri scored.103
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