Scoring Summary


1stStallings singled to center, Tovar scored, Rodgers to second.01
3rdThomas singled to center, Abrams scored.11
3rdRosario singled to left, Thomas scored, Rosario out stretching at second.21
3rdRodgers homered to center (436 feet), Tovar scored and McMahon scored.24
5thAbrams homered to right center (411 feet).34
7thAbrams singled to right, Millas scored, Young to third.44
7thThomas singled to center, Young scored.54
7thGoodman homered to left (447 feet).55
8thL. García Jr. homered to center (438 feet), Meneses scored.75
8thMcMahon homered to left (367 feet).76
9thDoyle singled to left, Goodman scored, Cave to second.77
9thMcMahon walked, Cave scored, Tovar to second, Doyle to third.78
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