Scoring Summary


3rdThomas singled to left, Young scored.10
3rdRosario doubled to right, Thomas scored.20
3rdL. García Jr. homered to right (393 feet), Rosario scored and Meneses scored.50
3rdTovar homered to left center (424 feet).51
4thMillas homered to center (428 feet).61
4thThomas doubled to left, Abrams scored and Young scored.81
4thRosario hit sacrifice fly to center, Thomas scored.91
4thJones homered to right (425 feet).92
4thGoodman homered to left (376 feet), Bouchard scored.94
5thBouchard hit sacrifice fly to center, Toglia scored.95
6thAbrams doubled to left, Young scored.105
6thThomas tripled to left, Abrams scored.115
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