Scoring Summary


1stGuerrero Jr. homered to center (436 feet), Horwitz scored.20
1stFry singled to right, Ramírez scored on error, Fry safe at second on throwing error by right fielder Springer, J. Naylor safe at third on error.21
3rdHorwitz homered to right (379 feet).31
3rdSchneemann singled to center, Ramírez scored, Bo Naylor to second, J. Naylor to third.32
3rdRodríguez walked, J. Naylor scored, Schneemann to second, Bo Naylor to third.33
3rdRocchio grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Bo Naylor scored, Rodríguez out at second, Schneemann to third.34
4thKwan homered to right center (376 feet).35
4thJ. Naylor homered to right center (409 feet).36
5thHorwitz homered to center (413 feet).46
5thBarger singled to right, Guerrero Jr. scored, Turner to second.56
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