Scoring Summary


4thTurner singled to center, Kiner-Falefa scored, Guerrero Jr. to third.10
4thDevers homered to right (443 feet), Duran scored.12
7thKiermaier singled to center, Barger scored.22
7thHorwitz singled to right, Kiermaier scored, Kiner-Falefa to third.32
7thGuerrero Jr. homered to left center (471 feet), Kiner-Falefa scored and Horwitz scored.62
8thHamilton homered to right (406 feet), Duran scored.64
8thGonzález singled to left, Devers scored and O'Neill scored, Refsnyder to third.66
9thDuran singled to right, Rafaela scored.67
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