Scoring Summary


2ndKim reached on bunt single to pitcher, Cronenworth scored, Solano to second.01
2ndHigashioka doubled to right, Kim scored and Solano scored.03
3rdMeneses hit a ground rule double, Abrams scored, Winker to third.13
5thMeneses reached on infield single to pitcher, Young scored, Abrams to third.23
7thMeneses singled to left, Abrams scored, Winker to second.33
10thRuiz doubled to right, Winker scored.43
10thSenzel homered to left center (379 feet), Ruiz scored.63
10thMerrill singled to center, Cronenworth scored and Solano scored.65
10thProfar singled to right, Kim scored and Merrill scored, Arraez to third.67
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