Scoring Summary


1stHicks singled to right, Henderson scored and Mountcastle scored, Hays to third.02
2ndTaveras doubled to left, Jung scored and Lowe scored.22
2ndGarver reached on infield single to pitcher, Taveras scored, Seager to second.32
2ndGarcía singled to center, Seager scored, Garver to second.42
2ndHeim singled to left, Garver scored, Carter to third.52
3rdGarver homered to left (419 feet), Taveras scored, Semien scored and Seager scored.92
4thMateo singled to center, Westburg scored.93
4thMountcastle hit sacrifice fly to right, Mateo scored.94
5thGarver grounded into double play, third to first, Taveras scored, Seager to second, Semien out at third.104
5thHenderson homered to right (401 feet).105
9thSemien grounded out to shortstop, Jung scored.115
9thHicks homered to right center (411 feet), Henderson scored and Hays scored.118
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