Scoring Summary


1stLewis homered to left center (427 feet), Castro scored.02
2ndBrown doubled to center, Cameron scored on fielding error by center fielder Martin and Soderstrom scored on error, Brown to third.22
2ndGelof doubled to center, Brown scored.32
2ndLarnach homered to right (379 feet), Martin scored and Castro scored.35
3rdBleday homered to right center (380 feet).45
3rdSoderstrom homered to center (421 feet).55
3rdMartin doubled to center, Santana scored.56
6thCorrea singled to right, Lewis scored, Kepler to third.57
7thSoderstrom singled to left, Bleday scored, Andujar to third.67
7thLangeliers singled to center, Andujar scored, Soderstrom to third.77
8thMiranda homered to left (427 feet).78
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